• Cactus Blackwork Kits

    Cactus Blackwork Kits (6)

    There are six different blackwork cactus kits or patterns in the series. They work well together as a set or as individual pieces. These are suitable for any level of ability.
  • Coasters

    Coasters (5)

    Complete Blackwork Embroidery Coaster Kits Complete Blackwork Embroidery Coaster Kits includes all the materials you will need to complete the kit.  Each kit contains a quality crystal plastic deep craft coaster by Fabric Flair. Apart from a sewing frame/hoop and scissors these kits are ready to use as soon as you receive them in the post.
  • Cold Animal Kits

    Cold Animal Kits (4)

    There are four cold animal kits or patterns in the series. The series includes a huumback whale, a puffin, penguins and a polar bear.
  • Minis

    Minis (14)

    Minis are a range of blackwork embroidery kits or patterns that are design to fit into a 4" x 4" square.  They are suitable for all levels of skill.
  • Woodland Animal Kits

    Woodland Animal Kits (10)

    There are 10 Woodland Animal Kits or Patterns in the collection.  These designs work well displayed as sets or individually.
  • Needlework Poem

    Needlework Poem (1)

    The Needlework Peom Kit or Pattern is based on a poem called needlework written in 1831 by Anon. It is perfect for anyone who loves any types of needlework.